Brett Bronstad

Brett Bronstad was born and raised in the great state of Minnesota, re-locating to Santa Barbara after high school; allured by beachside college campuses and outdoor living. It was this beautiful community which ultimately spawned his avocation in architectural design. Brett began his journey into building with tools in hand, progressing to job superintendent, then project manager and design manager for firms large and small. He has also designed furniture for his own retail stores, provided interior design services, and built several high end spec homes. Ultimately, these broad experiences coalesced in the creation of his own general contracting business in 2006, through which his personal approach to the building process could be expressed.



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Brett is very knowledgeable concerning architectural styles, authentic materials, fixtures, hardware, etc. He is also an absolute stickler regarding quality of construction. Every door in the house has a perfectly uniform reveal, and will sit in any position without swinging either way. He has been wonderfully patient at educating us and helping us reach consensus on the myriad choices that make a home personal.
— David and Louise Cannell
His attention to every detail and desire to build the “perfect” project is not often seen in the world of construction. Landmark Construction was able to deliver a completely custom, glossy magazine-worthy home at a budget that would make any client happy.”
— Jason Kalman, Senior Project Manager
Brett is always my top recommendation in Santa
Barbara for any client who is looking for a someone who excels in service, value and efficiency. Itʼs great to work with a builder who can accommodate the cost of creative freedom, and still make the budget. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
— Jerry Goodman, Ketzel & Goodman Architects